About Us

Our History

Started as a hobby, Zagat is the original provider of user-generated content. In 1979, Nina and Tim Zagat were at a dinner party with friends. During the meal, one of the dinner guests started complaining about the restaurant reviews of a major newspaper. Everyone agreed that the paper's reviews were unreliable.

It was at that moment Tim suggested taking a survey of their friends. This led to 200 amateur critics rating and reviewing 100 top restaurants for food, décor, service and cost. The results, printed on legal-sized paper, were an instant success with copies being scooped up all over town.

Today, passionate locals rate and review the places that matter to them most. Zagat’s signature “quote-filled” reviews help users cut through the clutter to find the perfect place. Its accuracy and reliability has made Zagat a name that consumers can trust — even if they aren't sure how to pronounce it.